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A Premature End of An Episode

06 April 2006

Every episode has an end, a finale. Mine was ended too soon last night. After a few days of daydreaming, last night i fell back down to earth. Yeaa the world up there was so beautiful, but too many winds that i’m affraid i cannot handle. So why don’t i just put my feet back to the ground and may fate or destiny lead me back to him, if we were really meant to be … (once again IF …). Yes, i am affraid that i might fall in love with him and before that happens and can make me turn into some fool again, i take a step back…

“Biar aku yang pergi bila tak juga pasti
Adakah selama ini aku cinta sendiri
Biar aku menepi bukan lelah menanti
Namun apalah artinya cinta pada bayangan
Pedih aku rasakan kenyataannya cinta tak harus selalu miliki”
Cinta Sendiri – Kahitna

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One response to “A Premature End of An Episode”

  1. nita says:

    loe baik2 aja kan ci?
    » Yeah .. life goes on, dear.