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Meet: Scrubs

09 February 2007
Meet: Scrubs

When ¾ jakarta drown in flood last weekend, i spent my days watching Scrubs on dvd. It’s a hospital comedy -which i choose instead of Grey’s anatomy-. Scrubs is hillarious. I don’t really like it at first but every episode able to make me laugh even more. It is not just an average slapstick comedy, it goes beyond that even some moral of the stories can make you think “Damn! you’re totally right” yea .. Scrubs did it.

After Friends this is the series that i recomend you to wacth at the end or even the beginning of your day. It is a definite stress reliever. Oh Yes i am in love with Scrubs…. hemm well i’m in love with J.D.. err okay .. i’m in love with Zach Braff.. *sigh* But be carefull, too many Scrubs could make you act like those character, like talking to yourself and fantasizing crazy things. Are those good or bad?

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