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My Last Episode

01 March 2007

I finaly come to my last episode with ADA Band. Following this band over a year, from one concert to another. But by the time you already know what song come after in an one hour show, i guess it’s about time to ended the journey. Don’t get me wrong here, once in a while their songs still in my playlist, but to put an extra effort to watch them performing live again i don’t have any enthusiasm left. Yes we are bored, for you guys wondering why we never showed up in any of ADA’s show lately. Especially when i have to compare their performance to other band i had been watching, they look like they were doing this just for work. maybe someday when we’re not feeling that bored about them, we’re back on track ๐Ÿ™‚

But i gain lot of experience during times, trial and error about stage photography, tricks to watch concert, tv appereance (:p), friends, enemies, frenemies *haha* and so many more. About the armadaband.info, i would love to hand it over to anyone willing to dedicate their time to maintain and updated it, since i lost my interest and it was to precious to abandoned just like that. So anyone of you have the capabilities and willing to continue my work, please contact me ..

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One response to “My Last Episode”

  1. Junkerz side B says:

    woowwww…groupies, huh?? :p
    ร‚ยป amit-amit *knock on wood* bukan grupies, ngkoh. Almost die hard fans maybe