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20 April 2007

Hari Jumat niiy .. selain donlod sebanyak mungkin games buat maenan weekend ntar, kerjaan gue *selain sok sok cari inspirasi buat bikin poster* ngeliatin profile frenster orang-orang..dan.. deleting some of the unknown people on my fren list. Yes.. that’s kinda rude, cuman pengennya gue, semua yang ada di fren list itu adalah temen-temen gue beneran, in real life, well at least me (and this person) know each other, klo emang belom sempet ketemu muka.

Jadinya … halloo kalian calon-calon teman fs ku di luar sana … kalo mo nge add sayah, plis do introduce yourself and if you’re attractive enough maybe i do it first before you do. *haha*.. because if you don’t do that, i would *and bakal pasti* kick you out of my list 🙂 *oopss.. sorry*

Eh iya .. nemu juga beberapa blog tentang hal-hal yang ganggu banget di fs, and i couldn’t agree more .. meskipun kadang gue juga melakukan that annoying thing .. hihi

Top 10 stupid things that Friendster users do

1. Using testimonials as greeting cards <- ganggu saat lagunya gak bisa di stop
2. Embed large picture, graphics or thingamajigs on their profiles <- ampun bandwidth!
3. tYpE iN tXt LiNgO.,, <- This is the worst!
4. Uploading ugly photos <- or they just “ugly”
5. Answering stupid surveys with uninspired answers <- hihi
6. Secretly and regularly viewing your ex’s or your ex’s current beau <- Hahahahha
7. Add strangers as a “friend” and not even bother introducing yourself <- NAH!
8. Picking fights through bulletin posts or shout-outs
9. Reposting cursed bulletin posts / forwarding evil Friendster messages
10. Posting multiple copies of the same thing on the bulletin board <- yak yang ini yak .. ganggu aja dulu
taken from kingofchocolates dan disini juga ada

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