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Liese Bubble Hair Color in Ash Brown

31 August 2012

IMG00001-20120829-1806.jpgAccidentally found discussion about this Liese Bubble Hair Color on femaledaily while i was searching for how to get glossy hair. Ordered it online for quite pricey value compare to my usual hair dye brand, i expect the result would be outstanding.
Following the instruction (don’t worry there’s an english beside mandarin & japanese) which is not very hard to understand, the bubble-ing process only take about less than an hour process, from mixing until waiting time.

IMG00002-20120829-1807.jpgI read some reviews that complain about the foam smell, well indeed the smell is so bad but only happen when the foam just being dispense from the bottle, but when it already cover your hair the smell was not that bad. I followed the sugested wait time (30 minutes) while when i’m using the usual hair dye i have to wait for the dye to dry (about 2 hours) -_-”

So, after 30 minutes i rinse my hair with lukewarm water and shampoo it twice then put conditioner on it, then voila! my root becomes yellow. Not really like what i expect it though, but at least it’s not red.  When in direct sunlight the color becomes light brown with a touch of yellow but i  guess it is not that visibly difference from my previous hair color since none of my colleague notice that i’ve change it *another -_-“*
Compare to my previous hair dye, i definetly loves this one, easy to apply, the wait time is short, more lite than conventional hair dye. My hair is not a virgin black hair since i use to dye it a lot from black to light brown but none of the brown attempt really work, but this time it works!

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