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Hydroponics in used plastic bottle

02 April 2016
Hydroponics in used plastic bottle

Have many used plastic bottle and don’t know how to recycle them? use it for hydoponic planting system.

Hydroponics used plastic bottle


  1. Used plastic bottle, 2 litre size would be nice
  2. Flanel fabrics
  3. Cutter
  4. Solder
  5. Black plastic bag or color paint


  1. Cut the flanel fabrics like a ribbon, with width approx. 2cm
  2. Cut the bottle 1/4 from top
  3. Slice both the bottle side approximately 1 – 1.5 cm from the cap horizontaly using cutter if you can or use solder. Adjust the width to fit the flanel ribbon.
  4. Make several vertical slice around the upper part of the bottle around the cap.
  5. Insert the flanel ribbon accross the horizontal slice, make sure the flanel ribbon touches the water level inside the bottle
  6. You need to cover the bottle with black plastic bag or paint the bottle so the sun rays won’t get through the bottle. Why? so it won’t make the mold form easily. Since mold would prevent the plant root to absorb its nutrition.
  7. You’re done

    Hydroponics used plastic bottle

Don’t forget to do routine check on the water level, nutrition level and mold or mosquito larva inside the bottle

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