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Comparing the Moto G and Moto Z2 Play Camera

26 September 2017
Comparing the Moto G and Moto Z2 Play Camera

I’ve been using the Moto G for about 3 years. I don’t exactly had any complaints, well except the camera was terrible. But since Moto Z2 Play released at the right time i decided to replace my lovely Moto G with the Moto Z2 play.

The camera itself is more sharp, you can’t hide any imperfection when you take selfies. This Moto Z2 Play camera is an honest camera when it comes to selfie #damn.

I really love how this Moto Z2 Play capture landscape, though. Very sharp, only need a bit of adjustment in saturation and contrast. I took these pics from a moving train to Solo, Central Java. But amazingly it is still captured very well.

The down side is probably the panorama feature that is not wide enough compare to Moto G. O by the way the Moto Z2 Play comes with 12MP at 4:3 and 9.1MP at 16:9, while Moto G was  5MP at 4:3 and 3MP at 16:9). Moto Z2 Play comes with several image quality options as well as its video quality options.

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Here are some pics examples, outdoor, indoor and panorama

  • Outdoor


  • Indoor


Moto G
Pantai Wediombo
Moto Z2 Play


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