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Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottle

09 May 2015
Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottle

Vertical garden purposes are to minimize water usage and maximize limited space. I Found several method for DIY vertical garden in pinterest and Inspired by @kebunletusee’s water bottle tower, i started my own vertical plant using the same old used water bottle. With this youtube video as a guidance.Verticalplant1
First thing first is collecting plastic bottles. In order for the bottle to fit each other i prefer using the same brand and size. First step is i cut the bottom part of the bottle about 2cm width. Then i make four holes on the bottle’s cap using hot solder. Using the same solder i make another several holes around the bottle upper part, test it first to make sure water can run through it. Don’t forget to create a half ellipse hole (you can do square or triangle, your choice) on the bottle’s body so the plant could have some room to grow. After this, insert some gardening soil about 1 cm from the ellipse, then put some seeds or cutting plants (i use cutting basil and cutting mint for this vertical garden).
Next step is stack two or three bottles together. Make sure you stacked them tighy enough so they won’t collaps. When you’re done, pour some water from top opening of these bottle, you can see the water is dropping from the holes to the bottle below. I’m using 500ml bottles maybe it would be more convinient for plants if i were using 1L or 2L bottles. To keep them from falling i think it would be better to tied these bottles but i don’t do it though, I just lean them to the wall (sometimes they get hit by the strong wind). Maybe this could become the solution for planting in limited space.


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