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Telegram’s Privacy updates

13 April 2019
Telegram’s Privacy updates

So at March 25, 2019 telegram released new updates that focused on privacy. There’re several feature they added.

  1. Protect the profile picture
    just like their contender, Whats app, Telegram now provide user to control who can view their profile picture. Whether it’s only their contact list that can view the profile picture or set it to “everybody” so it is open for public view. This one is really nice new feature. Thinking about telegram is full of spammers and sometimes used by criminals, it is more convinient to know that those who do not know you cannot see what you looks like.
  2. Unsend message
    and here comes the controversy feature. We know that telegram has one cool feature since like years ago that users can delete their own message in time span of 48 hours. This feature was helpful for impulsive chatters or drunk text message or those stupid clingy messages, that user can easily deleted when they sober the next day. But ini this new updates there are no time limit for the deletion. What make this feature is worse is that my message can be deleted by somebody else in our conversation. How come the privacy ended up invaded my own privacy of my messages that i sent to others? i am confused.

Updated: January 13, 2021Posted in Random technology Telegram

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